Kiting or kiteboarding is a little known in Moldova form of extreme sport that has grown rather popular internationally in recent years. Still, conditions for the development of kiteboarding in our country are not so favorable mainly due to the lack of natural water reservoirs and windy days.

The national kite club Gals in Chisinau has evolved rapidly in the last three years.  Today we proudly introduce Moldova’s youngest kiter, Alexei (“Lesha”) Dubarenko. Only 11 years of age, Lesha is already a confident user of kite, who “cuts into the wind” and masters his jumps with great enthusiasm.

NOTE: kiting is not particularly a children’s sport.

Although there are no exact statistics, but so far we have not seen kiters the age of Lesha anywhere the world, which in turn allows us to regard Lesha as a true phenomenon, and not just for Moldova.

By far not every adult has enough perseverance to complete their kiting training. The case of Alexei, however, has been a success mainly for his own dedication, professionalism of his coach Alexander Podfigurnyi, and the utmost support of his parents.

The day of August 8 is special for Moldova’s youngest kiter Alexei, who turns 12 this day.  Happy Birthday, Alex!

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