Someone stole my gear, lost my motivation... but you can't be a crybaby during or/and after a Gatebil event!

Alot of famous people and teams. Great friends and alot of fun!

And just to let you guys now. At a festival, like this one, I'm not in the mood for setting up alot of camera gear, sliders, dollys , tripods and spend an hour of finding the right angle, view, exposure or lighting. I just want to catch the feeling and pass it on to you. Everything nowadays is all about gear, and that sucks. Just grab a camera and get out there!

It's all about "Keep drifting fun". But let me tell you this:

Keep photography fun!

Filmed and edited by yours truly.
Location: Gatebil @ Rudskogen 2012
Music: Electric Youth - Right Back To You.

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