Happy (belated) birthday Addie (xxsweetaddiexx)! I wanted to make a little something for your birthday, but this turned out so bad. This is probably my worst video ever. I'm really sorry. You deserve so much better :(. You already got such flawless videos, mine compared to those is complete junk..
Anyways, I already wished you a few times, hihi. But I'm going to do it again. We started talking recently on Tumblr and you are always so nice and sweet to me. I really enjoy talking to you and I want to thank you for the present you gave me for my birthday :). You had so much trouble making it, but still you did it. That really means so much to me! Thank you sweetheart. May all your wishes come true and may you get all the luck, health and happiness in the world! I love you ♥

Tumblr: nimbooda.tumblr.com
Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Malika-Creations-MALIKAxGF/105178202928068#!

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