This modular system is basically a two voice synth because have a pair of oscillators, filters, envelope, amplifiers but also some modulation sources. All modules are MFOS (musicfromouterspace dot com) and was made by hand in Mexico City.

These are the modules:

· 2 VCO (saw, triangle, square, sine, PWM, sync input & CV input)
· VCF 1 (24dB Low Pass Filter)
· VCF 2 (Variable Filter/simultaneous output)
· 2 VCA (linear & log response)
· 2 AD envelope generators
· VCLFO (voltage controlled LFO, 5 simultaneous output, PWM & CV input)
· S&H (portamento, clock input, gate & trigger output)
· Noise generator (white, grainy, roaring & digital)
· Mixer (4 Channels)
· 3 CV buffer (each with 1 input & 4 outputs)
· CV-Gate input for external control
· Wooden enclosure & aluminum front plate
· Power supply AC100-260V

If you want more information about this project contact at

Tmblr: hardmod dot tumblr dot com
twitter: hardmod_
facebook: hard mod electronics

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