Erin and AJ had such an amazing wedding! The day started when we met up with Erin and her girls at the Courtyard Marriott in San Luis Obispo, CA. Everyone was rocking men's white dress shirts with "Hello, My Name Is" stickers, which aside from being totally awesome, made identifying everyone a much more manageable task. ;) A crash course in walking in heels and the "stars for thoughtful gestures" conversation instantly made us feel like we'd been friends for years.

Then AJ rolled up in his 1957 Buick Century. After a drawn out, "Siiiiiiiiiiiiick" went through my head, we discovered that AJ had actually restored the car himself and just in time for the wedding. I pretty much decided at that moment we were going to be hanging with some of the raddest people you'll ever meet.

And it just kept getting better. When AJ turned to see his bride for the first time, smiles and sunglasses tried to hide tears of joy, and as their best efforts fell short, I realized that these two were such a beautiful and perfect match. Their glances towards each other brought smiles, laughter and a calm comfort that I can only describe in my limited vocabulary as profoundly awesome.

The couple exchanged vows at Highland Ranch, a ridiculously beautiful and working farm that had been in their family for generations. It was a no-nonsense ceremony that sat overlooking rolling hills along one of the Central Coast's most scenic stretches. After AJ tried to eat some flowers during the recessional, we made our way over to Holland Ranch where an epic sunset, live band, nacho cheese fountain, heartfelt toasts, insane dance moves and sexual chocolate wine rounded out the evening. It was a celebration that no one wanted to see end, and with a surprise second reception and late-night taco bar it didn't have to. I hope this glimpse into their a-mazing day does justice to the mind-blowing sweetness that is Erin + AJ. Enjoy!

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