This is my first demo reel with personal and professional projects from 2010 to 2013
professional work made at Monster GC(Nescafe, Ice Age,Ponds,Nido, Aeromexico, Advil,Muscle cars)

Breakdowns in order of appearance.

Sony PSP._ Dynamics, Modeling,Shading, Lightning,UV
Nike Just Do It._ Modeling,Shading, Lightning,Animation, Compositing.
Skull._ Shading, Lightning,Animation, Compositing.
BMW._ Shading, Lightning,Animation, Compositing.
Audi Strokes._ Modeling,Shading, Lightning,Animation, Compositing.
Agent App._Animation,Compositing.
Muscle Cars._Shading, Lightning,Animation, Compositing.
Ponds._ UV Texture,Tracking,Compositing
Jackson Young (Bike)._ Modeling,Shading, Lightning,UV Mapping,Animation, Compositing.
Advil Fluids._Shading,Render,Compositing.
This is a Bottle of Wine._Fluid simulation, Modeling,Shading, Lightning,Compositing.
Insert Coin._ Compositing Dynamics
Ice Age._ Tracking,Compositing.
MTV._Dynamics, Animation, Compositing.
Nescafe._ Modeling, Camera Animation, Particles Dynamics,Multy pass Compositing
Mapping,Animation, Compositing.
Cubes._ Animation,Dynamics,Compositing.

Maya+Nuke+Photoshop (3D+VFX Generalist)

Around The Bend by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

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