Don On The Run

In this episode of Con The Don...

"Enjoying his week-off vacation in the Bahamas from his mafia duties as Don of the Flaming Spades Family, Con The Don finds himself in trouble once again when he is framed by an imposter back in Melbourne for crimes he did not commit. With the police hot on the Don's tail in the Bahamas, and a healthy bounty on his head, it's up to Sammy, Con the Don's trusty secretary, and Harry the Hitman to uncover the truth and clear Con the Don's name before he is caught and sent to the slammer for the rest of his life..."


Andy as: Everyone except for Harry the Hitman
Frosty_frost09 as: Harry the Hitman


Set dressing mod from DCModding
Scene Expansion by Dr_House
Blue 19'er + Floor Tiles by Tarison, available on DCModding
Rysto's City Set
Village + Dijon Market by Atypikk
Hawaiian Bar by KirinRiotCrash
African Huts by RikVargard
Grass Skirt made by me
Frenhofer City Street by Frenhofer


Music from by Kevin MacLeoud and various SFX from soundogs


- For new viewers to the series, Con the Don is a series that doesn't require you to watch any of the older episodes to know what's going on! So feel free to jump in with this episode, or even with any other episode in the series, where you can find all 15 episodes thus far on my TMU studio page!

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