Today is August 13, 2012 and today I want to talk to you about having positive influence.

If you want to positively influence a co-worker, family member, boss, or someone who can help or hurt your project or career, there are three important steps you have to follow.

Step number 1: Build strong relationships with the person you want to influence. A strong relationship from this perspective is one that is characterized by trust, respect and credibility.

Step #2: Get crystal clear as to what the priorities are of the person you’re trying to influence. What are their goals, objectives and or strategic initiatives? Why are they important to them? Before you ever try and influence anyone get crystal clear about what they value and need to achieve.

Step #3: Bring solutions that help them achieve number two. If you follow step number one with step number two and then step number three, you will be seen as someone who is a strategic thinker / partner / advisor and will be sought out because of your wise council.

KEY POINT: If you bypass step number 1 and 2 and go directly to step number 3 you’ll be seen as a sales person and or someone who is simply peddling an idea. If that is the case, your level of positive influence is appreciably lower.

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