This is a short video that is part of a multimedia series "Hotel Abu Dhabi", telling different stories about different people working and living in one of the many hotels of the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Luis Marquez is from the Philippines and came to the UAE for work to support his family. First he came by himself, later his wife came along but their newborn son was not allowed to enter the UAE unless he earns more than 5000 Dirhams (≈1350 USD) a month. He has seen his son only once in real life and in order to save money for a trip he and his wife shares a room with 3 other families.

Production notes:
It was difficult to get permission by the hotel to get access to the local workers and especially to the non-Arabs. Though I eventually had permission for recording an interview the hotel would have most of the time a public relations person watching us. When I started taking first video footage they separated us suddenly after just 30 minutes and changed their mind even though I promised to not mention the name of the hotel. So what you see is basically all I could record.

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