For further information on the project, please visit:
Twitter: @carboncomp

Carbon Composition is an educational project created by Guy Evans in 2010, which converts real-time, networked electricity consumption data from households across the globe into a musical performance.

The project simply converts electricity usage (from Watts/Kilowatts) into a musical note (Hertz/)
e.g. 100W = 100 Hz sinewave tone, or 1kWh = 1000Hz sinewave tone.

Each time the software interface is explored, a random score of self-generated music is created linked to the real-time household electricity consumption data (Watts). The project hopes to inform and educate the public, schools ,and businesses into thinking about how they consume energy and how they can lower their energy usage, whilst also raising awareness to how their energy is sourced (fossil/solar/wind energy).

(Point number 7 on the map display shows my own household electricity consumption, and this can be easily be substituted in future projects to display the real-time electricity consumption data of a school, business, college etc..).

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