Hey there,

Two and a half minutes of meshed particles using the new emPolygonizer4 (version 4.0).
So what's the big deal about this new version? It has - amongst several other things - texture coordinates, a.k.a. UVWs!

As usual this video was made to show a bit of what one can do with the new UVW functionality and also to test the new version for stability, bugs, etc.

All simulations (particles and meshes) were done on my workstation 1 x Intel i7).
The rendering was done on my workstation as well as on my two little laptops (1 x Intel i5m and 1 x Intel i7m ).

3D software: Softimage 2012.5
Mesher: emPolygonizer4
Particles: ICE + Lagoa
Rendering: Mental Ray + Arnold
Compositing: Softimage Fx Tree + ReelSmart Motion Blur
Music software: Reason 4.0



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