A P P A R E L is the first piece of clothing designed to exist both physically and digitally. While its physical form serves its function, its esthetic value expresses in the form of a dynamic 3D overlay — often referred to as 'Augmented Reality' — that can be visualized through a camera on a computer screen. The user is then free to digitally dress up by manipulating a large set of parameters in real-time.

A P P A R E L is like a wearable avatar ^.^

This is a first prototype for an ongoing project.
Version v0.9a
Made with OpenFrameworks
with the help of:
- imagery analysis : OpenCV, ofxCv, ofxARToolkitPlus
- 3D modeling : ofxAssimpModelLoader, OpenGL
- camera settings : ofxUVC, ofxQTKitVideoGrabber, ofxYAML
- GUI : ofxUI, ofxXMLSettings


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