The Visitor is a short film made for the 2008-2009 HSV (HND Sound & Video Editing) module at the University Of Teesside.

My class was split up into four teams - Team A, Team B, Team C, and myself. We were tasked with writing scripts, filming & creating our own individual edits of the captured footage to make a short film and accompanying soundtrack.

This edit of "The Visitor" was done with the sole intention of creating something overdramatic & silly from the raw footage that team B filmed, while still keeping with the assignment's requirements. It was edited in Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack Pro suites on a Mac Pro. I've got maybe 40 hours total experience with both of these programs now, although I must say I'm much more comfortable working with Adobe's Premier CS4 and Soundbooth!

This is actually my second "The Visitor" film I made - the first one was shot specifically to a script which went a little above and beyond what was actually required for the assignment. It was shot in full HD using only one actor (and a dog!) with audio hand-recorded for sequencing with the video - we were given a large library of pre-made sounds to work with, but I wanted to get the experience of planning out and recording a soundtrack specifically for an edited video track. It will be uploaded at some point!

The assignment brief:
"In your role as an independent filmmaker, you have been commissioned by a client to create a video and associated soundtrack with the working title ‘The Visitor’. It is intended that the ‘visitor’ in the title refers to an alien who appears on this planet in human form and has to come to terms with a typical day on Earth.
Possible scenarios for the video include:
• The alien has replaced someone’s friend or a family member. There would be definite consequences associated with this.
• The alien is a duplicate of someone living in a particular area.
The visitor could have unusual powers that control the passage of time, something that could be expressed visually through the use of effects and sonically through appropriate sound effects and distortions. Within the restrictions of the assignment subject detailed above, the choice of content has been left to you to decide, but it must conform to the working title, the whole video being 2 to 2.5 minutes long."

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