I went to Thailand and shot most of my video on the Panasonic TM-750 at 60p.

The shots were taken when I didn't have my Panasonic on me but wanted some video. I live in a 60p world but unfortunately, the only way to get an English menu is to buy the European version here in Japan.

Shot 1: Monkey Island. The monkeys wait for the speedboats to pull up because they know they're going to get some bananas. They jump on the boat and have some breakfast/lunch. If they miss the boat or if they can't get back to the cliffs, the can swim very well. Unfortunately, I didn't get the swim back.

Shot 2: After our elephant trek we decided to feed the monkeys. These 2 guys were very friendly. The one on the cage was very calm while the other was quite a naughty little fella. While filming he managed to jump and grab the tomatoes out of my hand...thus my calling him 'A sly little fella.'

Shot 3: A man and a woman walking around Bangla Road in Patong with little lima monkeys. Cost 200 Baht to take pictures with a pair of them. I tried getting some video as well.

Shot 4: This is underwater at Khai Nok island using the DICAPac WP-H10 Waterproof case For Mid-size Digital camera. I also had a waterproof case for the Panasonic. There were more fish, I just wanted to test out the underwater video of the Sony RX 100.

Shot 5: Also underwater as my wife passes by. I wanted to capture the bubbles she made splashing her feet in the water. I plan on playing around with some slow-motion stuff later in the week.

There was no color grading done to the video. I was using the standard picture profile. In shot 1 everything is well exposed and in focus. Shot 2 starts off OK but the LCD screen and sun through me off as far as getting proper exposure and focus. Shot 3 with all the lights and music on the road and not wanting to stand in one place too long, I decided to get a little clip regardless of exposure or focus. The last 2 shots were in P mode, so the camera was doing all the work. Using these types of waterproof casings makes it impossible to go manual.

Music: Back To Wisconsin by Cranston (cranston.bandcamp.com/)

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