Keda.Z : " Is it possible to make a video in Fine Art style? "

That was the question that Keda asked me when we met him in a wedding event. This question keep repeating in my mind! Since then, I knew there were something that we need to explore more. Keda inspired us with his masterpieces... We start thinking what if the object in Keda's photos are moving? It's not just about a video recording anymore. What is the lighting issue? Color grading in video? what kind of movement ? Art Direction?

After doing some researches, we decided to ring Keda for a crossover project. Keda quick reply make the progress smoothly. When we met up, He gave us a lot of advise in art direction and discussing the idea for the story.

Thanks for Merry Factory helping up to get everything ready in pre-production in very short time, We took 1 day for the shoot, but we spent very long time in post production..

Thanks to Keda.Z & Merry Factory for the greatest help in making this Fine Art Cinematography done!

* Special thanks to Sample Studio for Sponsoring the beautiful gown.

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