Environmental artist Pamela George of Durham, NC, has painted endangered places around the world. She describes the inspirations that led her to create the paintings featured in this 3-minute video, “Rice Field Geometry of Burma, Cambodia and Thailand”:

“Graceful rice field geometry has fascinated me since I first saw it in Thailand many years ago. During 2010-11, while teaching in ChiangMai, I traveled in nearby Burma, where the highland curvaceous rice fields on the frontier borders were especially inspiring. Additionally, I visited Cambodia's western and southern regions where flatland fields were flooded in preparation of rice planting.

“The rice farms and the village life that has supported them for centuries are full of remarkable crafts and artistry, yet their beauty and longevity are threatened. If Burma and Cambodia follow Thailand's lead toward agricultural mechanization and corporatization, soon the water buffalo will be replaced with machinery and small rice fields that follow the landscapes and the seasons will only be remembered.“

For more information about Pamela George and her art, please go to PamelaGeorge.com

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