I recently had an outbreak of fungus on my camera lenses. While there are a number of videos on repairing lenses I can not locate any on prevention. This is an attempt to address this gap

Fungus need heat - damp conditions & dark conditions to thrive.

These are my recommendations for preventing fungus forming on your lenses
1. Try to prevent wet getting on your lenses, if your lense gets wet room dry it for at least an hour before storing the lense away
2. When coming from a cold area to a hot area or vice versa let the lense sit in the bag for 10-15 minutes to adjust to the temperature before using it to try and prevent condensation forming
3. Use a dry box to store the lens and a large amount of silica gels in the box to prevent moisture forming. If possible use a dry box that lets in light as UV light kills fungus.
4. Use silica gels in all your camera bags.
5. Replace or recharge silica gels when the colour changes. To recharge the silica gels place them in the oven or microwave to dry them out.
6. Don't use the sleeve/pouch that came with the lens to store it in
7. Keep your camera bag clean and dry bag when using it. This may sound obvious and simple but is it easy to let dust and dirt build up.
8. Purchase modern bags that are more moisture resistant. Have spare camera bags.
9. Finally if a lense develops fungus that was stored in a camera bag, bin the bag as the bag is likely to be infected with the fungus.

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