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A couple can't decide what to eat. How about sushi? A heated argument ensues, how can they settle the dispute? Perhaps Rafael can lend his opinion as well...

Sushi is Mayhem is a short film that was inspired by our friends Jesiah and Lauren as they prepared to move to Japan. Before their departure I decided to use them to create an impromptu film about a couple that was heavy with dialogue. After showing them the script they agreed to the project and Sushi is Mayhem was created. The original idea was a much broader comedy that eventually morphed its way into a dark drama. I hope you enjoy!

Written, edited, and directed by
Jeff Mayeda

Lauren Jeffers
Jesiah Jeffers
Rafael Rivero

Charles Rose

Production assistant
Moriah Echlin

For anybody interested in the equipment used:

Sony a65 with Sigma 18-50mm f2.8-4.5
Rode NTG3 with Zoom H4N recorder
Single 250 watt light with soft box
Simple fluid head tripod with three wheel dolly

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