When synaesizer goes glitch: hacking the hacking.

The synæsizer is a device that makes you see what it hears and hear what it sees. The technique used here is the "databending", which is a form of "hacking" in the primary meaning of the word (more about the synaesizer: vimeo.com/channels/330919)
Glitches are made by hacking familiar systems, manipulated to create art. Glitch artists reveal a certain soulfulness that emerges when complex streams of information, visual media, and our own lives converge in the chaos of the glitch (more about Glitch Art: networkcultures.org/wpmu/portal/publications/network-notebooks/no-04-the-glitch-momentum/)

So, we have asked ourselves: what would happen if we glitched the synaesizer? What would happen if we introduced wild glitches into the more controlled ones: the glitches that come from the databending technique?

And here it is.
Inception: a glitch within a glitch.

The synaesizer is an audiovisual databending project by Exomène (exomene.com/) in collaboration with Dorianne Wotton (dorianne-wotton.com/)

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