Source material is a found footage super 8 film. The visual carrier was attacked in a multitude of ways. It was scratched, cut open and violated. I captured an attempt to screen it. There it burned and was destroyed by the projector. Sorry little film. With the video footage I provoked the encoding. As a result some pixels were dislocated. In the end I reshot the film from the monitor while I somehow angered the cables that connect the monitor with my computer. That all may sound very negative to you but the goal was an almost humanist one. Unification of the digital with the analogue world. They seem so far apart and yet they aren't. By exposing every material's weaknesses and injuries it was made one. It's all visual sensations in the end. Rita Hayworth grindedly sings along.

Festival Screenings:

09/2009 Chicago Underground Film Festival (Chicago - USA)
09/2009 MidPoint Music Festival (Cincinnati - USA)
10/2009 New York Film Festival (New York - USA)
10/2009 Antimatter (Victoria - Canada)
10/2009 Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival (Lausanne - Switzerland)
11/2009 Cork Film Festival (Cork - Ireland)
11/2009 Media Art Friesland (Leeuwarden - Netherlands)
11/2009 Euroshorts (Warsaw - Poland)
12/2009 Videomedeja (Novi Sad - Serbia)
01/2010 AnaDoma (Braunschweig - Germany)
03/2010 Ann Arbor Film Festival (Ann Arbor - USA)
03/2010 Int. Film Festival of Uruguay (Montevideo - Uruguay)
04/2010 Buenos Aires Int. Festival de Cine Independiente (Buenos Aires - Argentina)
04/2010 Filmfest Dresden (Dresden – Germany)
05/2010 Videoex (Zürich - Switzerland)
05/2010 Artsfest Film Festival (Harrisburg - USA)
06/2010 Edinburgh International Film Festival (Edinburgh – UK)
06/2010 Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival (Chicago – USA)
06/2010 Directors Lounge (Berlin - Germany)
06/2010 Film Verwertung (Berlin - Germany)
07/2010 Festival Image Contre Nature (Marseille – France)
07/2010 T-10 Video Festival (Oakland – USA)
09/2010 Optica (Gijon – Spain)
09/2010 Terminal (Szczecin – Poland)
09/2010 Moving Frames (Mytilene - Greece)
10/2010 dokumentART (Neubrandenburg – Germany & Szczecin – Poland)
10/2010 Cortopotere Short Film Festival (Bergamo – Italy)
10/2010 Festival International Du Courtmetrage Lille (Lille – France)
10/2010 FeSanCor (Santiago – Chile)
10/2010 KLEX (Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia)
10/2010 Facade Video Festival (Plovdiv – Bulgaria)
10/2010 Optica (Buenos Aires - Argentina)
11/2010 Leeds Int. Film Festival (Leeds - UK)
11/2010 Instants Video (Paris – France)
11/2010 Vallecas Puerta del Cine (Madrid – Spain)
03/2011 Danube Videoart Festival (Grein - Austria)
03/2011 Fargo Film Festival (Fargo – USA)
07/2011 San Giò Verona Video Festival (Verona – Italy)
08/2011 CARTES Night of the Arts (Espoo - Finland)
09/2011 Oblò Film Festival (Lausanne - Switzerland)

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