PRESENTED BY: Rob La Gesse, Director of Social Media at Rackspace Hosting
RECORDED AT:'s Crash Course conference in Austin, TX on May 10, 2012
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Below is live coverage from the presentation:

— Erin McDaniel introduces Rackspace‘s Director of Social Media, Rob La Gesse.

— How can you help your customers?

You have to know who they are. Not their demographic, but who they personally are.

-– Find opportunities to WOW your customers. This creates a chance to create a memorable experience that will help spread WOM.

-– Example. Rackspace sent pizzas to someone who was stranded on their way to SXSW. This WOW’ed them and created a great WOM story.

-– Rackspace’s social media plan is to…. Be Helpful!

-– Customers are humans. You need to humanize them and make them your friends.

1. WOW your customers.
2. Call them on their birthday.
3. Be their friend.

-– Great customer service is easy these days, we are used to talking to machines and having poor customer service. So when you WOW them they are blown away.

-– You can’t fake customer service, you have to love it!

Q & A

Q: How do you convince your CEO that local customer service support is worth the money.

A: Most companies will not see the true value of good customer service if they are already outsourcing it. It has to be in the culture of the business.

Q: How do Net Promoter Scores impact your company?

A: It gives us the chance to see where we are doing good or bad as a company. I can then call all the bad reviews and see what we did wrong. This gives us a chance to change our customer service or product.

Q: How do you discover personal traits when talking to customers?

A: Customers want to bring their personal lives into a conversation. You can also listen to background noises to see get hits, like a baby crying or a dog barking. Try to learn about their personal life to find opportunities to WOW them.

Q: Do you have any tips for getting positive testimonials?

A: You can’t give a customer something for spreading a good review, but you can ask them to spread the experience.

Q: How can you encourage ground level employees to have great customer service?

A: Use incentives to encourage employees to care.

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