House with a Heart, a nonprofit animal shelter located in Gaithersburg, MD, takes in senior dogs to help with end of life care. Sher Polvinale started the shelter in 2006 after retiring from an over 30 year career with animal rescue.

To fund her full shelter of thirty elderly dogs and four cats she has opened her doors to local boarder animals. Alongside an army of fifty volunteers helping her run the shelter her house is buzzing with activity at almost all hours of the day.

House with a Heart has a large two acre fenced in property with various enclosures for the animals. Doggie doors at all major entrances allow the animals freedom that many family pets do not have.

Unlike other shelters, Sher does not attempt to adopt out the dogs she has taken in. To insure the dogs retain a safe and loving enviroment she allows them to live out their lives in her care.

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Shot and Edited by TJ Gioconda

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