A very straightforward and gut level honest approach to how we've allowed people to be casual about their christian walk....and we've been wrong. We've told people for years that "we'll be OK if you don't serve or get involved in a LifeGroup....we just won't be as strong as we could be." And "you'll be OK if you don't get in a LifeGroup or serve....you just won't be as strong as you could be"....but that is wrong. Completely. You won't be OK if you casually attend New Life Church - and we won't be either.
We will talk about how to get involved and why authentic Christianity is so needed - why we need each other and how accountability is biblical. We'll look at why the early church was so healthy - because there was complete buy in to the vision of reaching people.
Do we share the truth? How many people we have. How many volunteers we really have? How many people are are attending once a month?
Can we talk honestly about what we created….and get back to pure ENGAGEMENT

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