Cineflex V14HD footage filmed by Aerial Director of Photography, Ron Chapple, for the Award-Winning PBS/Nature program, “Wolverine: Chasing The Phantom.” Ron worked closely with Writer and Producer, Gianna Savoie, to create aerials of a wolverine and trainer, Steve Kroschel, in the challenging February winter conditions of southeast Alaska.

The camera was the Sony HDC1500 with a Fujinon 42x 9.7mm lens. Filmed from a Eurocopter AS350-B2. Footage was shot at 23.976p and recorded dual-link 4:4:4 on a Sony SRW1 to HDCAM SR tape. The original source tapes were digitized using an AJA Kona3 card to a MacPro and edited with Final Cut Pro 7 at our in-house edit suite.

Music track is "Haze On The Horizon" from

The Aerial Filmworks team believes in doing our part to maintain a carbon neutral planet. Through a partnership with TerraPass, we invest in carbon offsets for every hour of flight time that our Cineflex equipment is on a helicopter.

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