Homicide Watch DC launched two years ago as an experiment in online criminal justice reporting. The question: Could a digital platform for reporting of homicides improve one community’s understanding of violent crime and raise the level of conversation about homicide?

US Attorney Ronald Machen says it has. He said of murder in DC, “It used to be out of sight, out of mind. Now, when an incident happens, you can see a real person who’s been killed. The more face you put on the victims, the more people might have the courage to stand up and help law enforcement solve the case.” And in August 2011, Homicide Watch DC was recognized as a notable entry in the 2011 Knight-Batten Awards for Innovation in Journalism.

After two years of growth and success, Chris and Laura Amico are launching a special one-year project within Homicide Watch DC. They want to train journalism students in crime reporting through use of the Homicide Watch platform, and they need help.

Visit their Kickstarter page to learn how:

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