Many little boys walk to the school bus, participate in gym class, and even roughhouse with their friends after school. But for Logan, accomplishing those everyday activities shows how much he’s overcome.

Logan, 10, was born with a chromosomal abnormality so unusual that it doesn’t have a name. “He had two clubfeet, a cleft lip and palate, and a large mass in his abdomen,” recalls his mother, Tara. He also had a major spinal curvature.

Logan began coming to Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare as a baby, where doctors corrected his clubfeet. As he grew, the curve of his spine began putting dangerous pressure on his heart and lungs. “Everyday activities, even breathing, became a constant struggle,” recalls Tara.

In a first-of-its-kind procedure that spanned more than eight months, Gillette doctors surgically attached a metal device, called a halo, to the outside of Logan’s skull. Logan spent months in the hospital wearing the halo and undergoing spinal traction.

Logan then underwent spinal fusion—a highly complex surgery that straightens the spine using metal implants and bone. Because Logan’s spine lacked critical structures, doctors completed the fusion entirely with donor bone.

“On the ‘challenge’ scale, Logan was truly off the charts,” says Tara, remembering the day doctors showed her a model of her son’s one-of-a-kind spinal column, which they had created to study before the leading-edge surgery.

Today, after months of preparation, recovery and rehabilitation, the boy who once struggled to keep pace with peers can walk to school—even complete a round of golf—without getting winded. “Logan is my fighter,” says Tara. “He’s determined to be just like everyone else.”

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