We worked in conjunction with BBH New york and the lovely people at MPC to create these two animations for Sprite as part of their global rebrand. The campaign also featured our illustrations used as posters and billboards. Ample supplies of Sprite at hand and the chance to play with a water canon and a Phantom camera made for a project that everyone loved working on.


Directed, animated and produced by ilovedust, Post-production and Live action produced by MPC

Directed by: Golden Wolf
Creative Director: Ingi Erlingsson
Art Director / Design lead: Shan Jiang
Producer: Ant Baena
Additional design: Ewen Stenhouse, Shan Jiang, Stefan Falconer
2D Animators: Tim Whiting, Stefan Falconer
3D Animators: Henry Purrington, Thomas Purrington, Evdoxia Sardi, Gary Fouchy
Compositing: Stefan Falconer, Tomas Peña

Executive Producer: Melissa Bemis, Catherine Cheng
Art Director: Leopold Billard

Producer: Christos Mountzouros
3D Lead

Producer: Dionne Arcibald
Flame Artist: Toby Aldridge

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