Demo Reel Breakdown:

1) "BB Gun" -- a "music video" I did in two weeks using Adobe Flash. I animated and designed everything except the music, which was by Roger Alan Wade.

2) Stoplight -- excerpt from "Self Portrait" -- The main reason for including this short little snippet was as a transition to the next piece. However, the self-portrait project was highly design driven, and I have included some stills from it in my flatbook.

3) "Retro Robot" -- A robot I designed. Rigged and animated using Maya. The assignment was to create a robot with a retro 50's 60's look. The animation was not a large part of the assignment, and hence, there was not much time to polish it. When I have time, I would like to get more movement in the arms, improve his defensive posture. Also I'd like to re-time the holds so they aren't as mushy.

4) "Crab" -- Designed, rigged and animated. Same thing as the robot. The animation is good considering the time pressure we were under, but I'd like to get a little more snap into his movements, especially the nervous eye darting.

5) "Oh, My God...." A dialogue assignment from my first 3D animation class. Used Jason Baskin's "Blake" rig, and a parrot rig of unknown origin. In addition to animating this, I did the lighting as well.

6) 2D Walk Cycle -- It was a great joy to animate this walk using a pirate character I had designed in middle school (I've made some tweaks since then).

7) Double Bouce walk Cycle -- Animated in Maya. Model and rig provided by instructor. I do know know who to thank (or beat?) for this.

8) "Just when I think..." -- W.I.P. I am not all about putting unfinished work on my demo reel, but I am excited about how this piece is coming along. It contains some of the strongest posing I have done in 3D. I will be finishing this at the earliest opportunity!

9) "the Daily Render" -- I created the still image on the newspaper using Sean Burgoon's "Goon" rig and an environment provided by my professor. The policeman getup was my doing, as are the staging, posing and lighting.

10) Flag Test -- Designed and animated.

11) Excerpts from "The Follower" -- This was a film I created with two other colleagues. I did the Storyboards, Character Designs, layouts, main title, animation, concept for sound design, and final compositing.

12) Excerpt from "How to Feel Better About Yourself" -- Animated using Flash. The assignment was to emulate the style of Don Hertzfeldt.

13) Excerpt from interactive Flash animation -- Designed and animated using Flash.

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