Movement-space: Inter-activity investigates boxing as a way to explore the reciprocal relationship of two human bodies interacting. It engages with the idea of adaptive bodily behaviour in a given context, how it mutates in response to the external forces that allow reaction and action to occur spontaneously. Inter-activity seeks to understand the qualitative dimensions that the bodies unfold through its production of spaces and in its intersection with other spaces.

The film attempts to consider how processes of perception and action support movement coordination and control. Specifically, in a boxing match, the player perceives the opponent's varied rhythmic movements and expresses certain actions accordingly. The ability for a player to perform a task is fundamentally dependent on how one perceives information from its environment, thus having effect on ones decision-making process and action.

By drawing out the intervals of flow between the two moving bodies, series of drawings explore ways of representing the spaces in-between.

The project questions how concepts of in-between spaces of moving bodies can be proposed as an architectural strategy.

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