This 20th report for Land Securities rings in the changes the business was looking for. The report had to communicate how Land Securities have set themselves apart, spotting opportunities over the past few years and investing in the future when others have stopped spending.

Based on the very differing needs of stakeholders from institutional investors, clients, NGOs, tenants, retail investors, government etc. the report is divided into three sections. The strong long-term investment story is told through beautiful photography of the pipeline developments that are now realising their potential.

This is followed by the ‘essential read’ section providing the evidence behind the case for investment from strategy to risk mitigation to outlook. Finally the more formal parts of the annual report are included in black and white.

Online, there are three ways to explore the report. ‘Read’, provides the top line essential information. “View” shows videos of the development pipeline. “Download” enables the user to take away those elements of the report that meet their specific needs.

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