A 6 part TV series that showcases the Okavango delta, the emerald gem in the heart of the Kalahari desert, like it's never been seen before. Scientists, Dr Steve Boyes and his brother, Chris, have made it their life's mission to pioneer research in remote wilderness areas. They are the Bush Boyes.

The Okavango Delta pulses through Steve's veins. His PHD was completed there and the passion he has for one of the world's last wild places burns in his eyes. Steve and Chris lead an extreme 18 day long scientific expedition, “poling” themselves in dug out canoes (mokoros) for 300 kilometers across the entire length of the Delta and sleeping in the wild. Steven's wife, Dr Kirsten Wimberger, a novice to this part of the Delta, joins them and spearheads the vital wetland research in order to motivate for World Heritage status.

The Boyes plan to adhere to the techniques, attitude and customs of the local Bayei “River People”. The charismatic Gobonamang Kgetho (“GB”) joins them as a fourth researcher and instructs them on the ways of the Bayei.

The expedition minimises the human impact on the studied environment by using self-propelled mokoros and biodegradable, renewable resources. It's impossible to resupply so all that is needed for surviving 18 days must fit into two mokoros. If the Boyes run out of food they have to live off the Delta they are trying to save.

During the trip, the Boyes lead a simple, healthy but rigorous way of life. Living so close to nature they almost “loose” themselves as they negotiate encounters with wild animals and become infected by this last truly untamed wilderness. The Boyes push themselves like never before. Personalties are challenged, souls are purified and bodies are pushed to the max, all with one aim, “to save the Okavango”.


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