I was sent an EazyHandle v2 to test out with my 1D IV since the previous models had never fit a full size camera body.

I am NOT a skateboard filmer.
No I am not getting paid to do this, and no this is not some full review.

About the EazyHandle:
It is pretty self explanatory to set up and use. There are places all over the handle to attach any microphone, monitor, light, or grip equipment you may feel like rigging to it. The handle fits the camera perfect (even has a little more availability of height in case your camera is taller), and fits your hand even better. The handle can also be completely broken down with a few turns of the allen key, or left together, even camera attached, and placed in your bag. With the big heavy D series bodies and big heavy (compared to the former 15mm Canon fish) the handle felt completely balanced, and was 100% sturdy.

About filming:
I can honesty say I have never filmed fisheye with a video camera that has a handle before this. So needless to say it took a little trial and error to get used to it. My main problems were my camera tilt and swing. Never having done this before I found my wrist moving around or not having the correct tilt/swing. I also found myself a bit too close or too far at times. And how some of ya'll hold the camera so still while pushing is beyond me.

So here is my first test video. Shot at the Coop (R.I.P.) and featuring Justin Brock, Santi Menendez, David Clark, Grant Taylor, Dan Plunkett, Ryan Clark, Graham Bickerstaff, oh, and Jimmy O'brien.


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