From The Mental Traveller by William Blake:

The guests are scatter’d thro’ the land,
For the eye altering alters all;
The senses roll themselves in fear,
And the flat earth becomes a ball;

The stars, sun, moon, all shrink away
A desert vast without a bound,
And nothing left to eat or drink,
And a dark desert all around.

The light we are...the light we burn. Fragments of my work presented to a symposium on 'digital noise' at Greenwich University, London, on the invitation of FADE (Fine Art in the Digital Environment).
FADE is a joint project between the London University of the Arts Camberwell and Chelsea colleges. The Burnt Light compilation features experiments with collage and animation involving digitally generated light patterns created by audio.
Blue is a poem contained within this, a generation as the victims of technology - the satellite, all-seeing, unseen in the 'blue' sky, beyond the pain and the razor wire.
The voices I use in all my poetry are machine voices - only the emotion is mine.
My work as an artist is across media, from print to video involving direction and intervention in the transformations of the machine process.
I no longer authorize any use of material from this compilation including audio without accreditation.

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