Four more great problems from Rocktown! I say that sort of thing a lot, but these are truly some of the best lines around. Enjoy!

The Orb (v8): The quality of this problem cannot be overstated. It took me many tries, but it was well worth every ounce of effort. Simply one of the best problems around.

The Vagina (v8): Notice that the left hand pinch beta is far superior to the horrible crimp beta when making the big right hand move to the other horrible crimp. One horrible crimp at a time please!

Bionic Rats (v8): My last video featured Joe doing this problem, but the extra bandwidth is justified since this line is just that good. Consistent moves down low lead into a stopper crux at the lip.

Tunnel Vision (v6): A great problem right through the middle of one of Rocktown's most unique blocs (The Dugout). Have fun keeping feet or trying to hold the nearly-impossible swing.

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