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Cennydd Bowles is an interaction designer and writer based in Brighton, UK.
If you've been in the mobile field for a while, you're sick of context debates. Sure, they all start innocently, but soon enough they collapse into a sad tangle of metaphysics ("But what IS context anyway?"), lazy stereotypes, and implausible scenarios involving public transport. So let's try a fresh approach. Dictionary definitions and "it depends" generalizations are hereby banned. Let's talk details. We'll discuss whether context even matters in modern web design, ways to find out how people will use your product, design principles for different situations, and why we've been looking at the whole thing upside-down anyway.

Presented by Cennydd Bowles at the Breaking Development Conference held in April 2012 in Orlando, FL.

Cennydd has a decade of experience advising clients large and small on the benefits of customer-focused design. He speaks at design and user experience conferences across the globe and is a regular mentor of new design talent.

He writes for his popular blog and influential design publications, and is author of the book Undercover User Experience Design. His second book, Designing the Wider Web, will be published in 2012.

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