*updated* With proper font size in the credits, proper matchmoving for the locusts and better readability of the first two cg shots. They don't really look better, but at least you see what's going on now. :-)
The latest weekend project was titled "Magic Hour" and was to be shot during the first and/or last hour of sunlight. On Sunday evening we finally made up our minds to try and get something done. We wanted to make something different than a short about light, something that had some kind of suspense and could hint to a bigger story. This "teaser" idea I had quite some time ago but never felt like actually shooting it. But when Oliver reassured me that he could animate a reasonably realistic swarm of locusts in only a day, it was quickly decided that we'd try to do it.

Edited by Bastian Mattes, probably the single most awesome chap in the world. :-)

Rigged, animated, lit and rendered by Oliver Gorell. The guy throws previews at you before you're even finished talking about what you want, it's insane.

Agnieszka was the one who pointed me towards this awesome location. And without Dirk, there would have had to be one of us nerds in the picture all the time. Who would want that? :-)

And finally: It feels quite pretentious that my name in the credits is bigger than everbody else's. That wasn't intentional, actually, but I only noticed it after rendering. And it was four in the morning, so I decided to upload it anyway and fix it later. May I be forgiven. :-)

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