Ad agency, Black River FC in JHB. Anton Visser from Velocity was the director. Our brief was clear.. We had to make it as believable as possible. From the modelling and build of the 3D planes to the behaviour and Physics of the planes. Lighting and rendering was critical to the look achieved as was the integration of the planes in their environments.
The shot aerial footage was a problem as the helicopter could not achieve the speeds we needed to give the sense that the pilots were really breaking all the rules at low altitude flying. A lot of retiming and stabilisation of the plates was needed to fix this. The fact that the shoot took place over seven days, two of which were weather days and one aerial shoot day meant that getting the planes to look realistic took individual setups for each shot. More work than what was originally anticipated.
The edit was the biggest challenge, even though we had done extensive previs, as performance from the actors dictated changes in the flight sequence. So much so that the edit was changing up until a week from delivery. Without our pipeline and the ability to quickly go back to animation and feed it through to comp we would never have finished in time.
Four weeks were spent up front doing previsualisation for the shoot as well as modeling and texturing the planes. After the shoot, which was delayed several times due to weather, we spent eight weeks in full production until delivery.
Producer - Gabriella Harris
VFX Supervisor - Darrin Hofmeyr
Modeling and Texturing - Hayden Barnett
Rigging - Dexter Schenk
Previs and Animation - Andre de Villiers
Matchmoving - Jonathan Searle, Roger Wellard
Lighting and Rendering - William Harley, JC Phillips
Cleanup and Roto - Angelo Beceiro Collinicos, Dylan Palmboom, Chris Bekker
Nuke Compositing - Ash Ryan, Dave Clark
Flame - Marco Raposo de Barbosa

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