A little ray of light, imaginantes* is an animation in stopmotion/compositing AFX tecniques. Is based on a story named "lilus Kikus", wich is the first book written by the famous Elena Poniatowska, ( the book was first edited on 1954).
In the book the several tells achieve to communicate the magic, naivnes and knowledege of the world of the children. This book was ilustrated by Leonora Carrington, a good frind of Elena, and they share in this book the tools of the qord and the image.
As a humble hommage myself and the team of "Design and Animation group" we produced this animation for those who hve left us so much material to learn and admire.
2011 was a very sad year because we lost the surrealist painte Leonora Carrington and all her worlds reflected this vision of lightness, as well in the world of Lilus Kikus.

Script José Gordon
VP Manuel Gilardi
Excecutive Producer Alejandra Pastrana Oliver
Concept Alejandra Márquez Abella
Creative Director Maribel martinez Galindo
Animation and design coordinator Luis Cabrera
Art and animation coordination Francisco Hernández Tapia
Lead animator Koosuke Amezcua Furuya
Animation Jesús Perez Irigoyen, Ana Elena Martinez Tejeda, jorge Alvear Ocampo.
Gerencial Producer Carla Eugenia Gutierrez Lopez.
Ilustration and puppets Koosuke Amezcua Furuya

If you want to check out the process of the project you can go to

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