“KITES” is my sub-cubist (nearly-almost-sort-of-cubist) view of the Annual Berkeley Kite Festival. For 27 years on the last weekend of July people from all over come to Berkeley’s César Chávez Park to fly or just watch tons of stunning homebrewed, handmade, or store bought kites. Currently the festival is drawing nearly 35,000 enthusiasts to see kite flying competitions, kite-making, Revolution Mega Fly (choreographed synchronized kite flying), giant kite exhibitors, and invited honored guests from Japan.

I chose to visit on Sunday, July 29th which proved to have clearer skies and gustier winds then the previous fogged-in-till-noon Saturday. It was a Kodachrome day for my camera and with the local wind steady from the west at 10 to 15 knots made it a pretty darn good day to capture my fine tethered friends.

Special thanks to the folks at Highline Kites of Berkeley for allowing me access in the roped off area to shoot video of their exquisite giant kites.

My idea for the sound track was to think of the 200 or so kites presented with their taut strings as a huge Aeolian Harp, however one that had been through several hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and perhaps a few sand storms thus producing tones I favored.

Camera: Sony HDR-CX500v
Editing Suite: Sony Vegas Pro 10
External sound recordings: Tascam DR-08

SoundScape ingredients: Bass Thunder Drum, Alto Thunder Drum, a 3 ft. x 2 ft. section of sheet metal, 2.5 foot spring with 1 inch diameter, spring door stop, 2.5 foot spring with ½ inch diameter, sustained pedal engaged grand piano with a small rubber mallet over open strings, feather duster over same piano set up, 3 foot dowels with ¼ inch diameter as whips, a lawn mower, some wind, and a Yamaha S08 synthesizer.

Camera, Editing, and SoundScape by Phil Loarie

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