Dark Matters and the Emperor of Antartica goes from outer space to the human face.
The new video for the track "Ore" is a destructive study of the human body where the beauty melts together with the beast in a true meat feast.

Concept: Dark Matters & the Emperor of Antarctica
Direction / Editing: Dark Matters ( darkmatters.dk )
Programing & Video manipulation: the Emperor of Antarctica and Ana Carlan ( emperorofantarctica.com/ )
Programmed using Processing: ( processing.org )
Photography: Henrik Edelbo
Light: Jens Jørgensen ( sciencefriction.dk/ )
Models: Milla, Momo, Stig & Rita
Studio: Stage 7
Supported by Koda's Kollektive båndmidler 2012
Lots of respect to Zbig Rybcynskis "The 4th Dimension" for the Slit Scan inspiration.

Download the track here: soundcloud.com/kentonslashdemon/ore
Kenton Slash Demon: facebook.com/pages/Kenton-Slash-Demon/201183908264

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