My comparison between Terry Gilliam’s 1977 movie “Jabberwocky” and what our American culture can potentially degenerate into.

When I first saw this movie with my parents at age nine I thought it was the ugliest, scariest thing I’d seen in my life. And it’s still pretty ugly, although maybe not so scary (or, at least not as “scary” as outright sad).

Britain in the dark ages was wretched. A good many western males grow up hearing stories of “knights of valor”, and although the ideals of such things are sound, their historical fact really isn’t. Castles and their surrounding citadels were filthy places of perpetual warfare; all crimes were punished corporally; all executions were summary. Your rights as a commoner were whatever the nearest landed gentry said they were. Yet more horrible is the fact we may gravitate back into such feudal fiefdoms following a large SHTF scenario.

Again, the dog-pack mentality—“My dog pack is bigger/stronger than yours, so you bow down to me.” Ideals and universals count for nothing; everything is personal gain and whoever is mighty enough/cunning enough to grab it. Science, as a study, doesn’t gain ground until well after the bubonic plague, while European philosophy’s “enlightenment” won’t arrive until the early 1700s. Yet if we can’t start thinking in terms more elevated than dog packs we will eventually return to our humiliating medieval roots.

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