PCP / Uprock / Tha Mammoth / QuintessentialHomegrown Crew / Josh Grose Jump Off a Cliff @ Cause 9.6.12 Hosted by Zac HB

Sawadee krup. I've been in Thailand for two months, and it's about damn time to come home and shows MPLS what I've been up to. The show is FREE and it would mean the world to to see any and all of your faces. I will be playing all new songs, a mix between acoustic and hip-hop, as well as some improvisational live looping / freestyle. I'm beyond excited to share what I've been cultivating.

I'll be supported by some extremely talented acts, Twin Cities veterans and Minneapolis newcomers alike:

Up Rock. Abstract Pack Vets. Brock (Dream Crusher / BitCrush / Nyteowl) told me they do live looping, too. Can't wait to see what they come up with, I listened to this today and I smiled the whole time: up-rock.bandcamp.com/album/up-rock-the-ep

I've known Josh Grose since we were 12 years old and I hate to love him like a brother. I don't think we've ever gotten in a fist fight, but it might happen at the show if we both drink whiskey. We drank some absinthe and got weird with a few tunes he wrote this past winter, check it out: soundcloud.com/joshuagrose

Tha Mammoth (i.ONE / FRESH crew) has been dubbed King Mammoth by Terrell Woods, but he's too modest to take the title. I'm gonna go ahead and say it, I don't know one emcee in the country who can step to Mammoth on the lucid freestyle. He just released a new solo mixtape he put together and I don't know yet another emcee who can make me laugh while simultaneously causing me to analyze my thought process like Nate Velleux: thamanthamyth.bandcamp.com

The Quintessential Homegrown have serious crew dynamics, and that's because they are actually just a crew of dudes who hang out all the time. I rarely see one out in public solo, there's almost always two of them. I met Joe Finnegan (AKA DJ Dubsmoke) going to school at UMN and he's been down since day one.

The very talented Zac HB is hosting. He's been working with kids all summer up in bumfark woodsville, MN and is probably coming to a city near you in the near future. He just dropped a new video and it's awesome: youtube.com/watch?v=OGwheF2LDgQ

Long story short, I've been through a lot in the past year and a half. Specifics don't matter, but resilience of the spirit does, and I'm proud to say what I'll be playing at this show represents me : good, bad, and the ugly. Here's the last freestyle set we did in June before I left: vimeo.com/46171505

In addition to solo sets by all of these artists, there will be a live band improvisation session with some VERY talented musicians to close the night, in which each artist performing throughout the night will play at least some small part in.

Who's in the band? You'll have to come jump with us to find out.

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