A tour of the Sonoma, California coastline. This segment of the Northern California coast moves from easily accessible beaches to cliffs that rise over a thousand feet from the ocean. This the southbound leg where I took the passenger seat. I am using a Panasonic HDC-TM900 in "Time-Lapse" mode, one frame ever ten seconds and handling the camera by hand.

This is the return trip that consisted of a run from Sacramento to the Marin Headlands, then to Bodega Bay via Petaluma and back to Sacramento, once again stopping at the Marin Headlands. The trip was recorded in both directions. The northern leg from Bodega Bay was a casual exploration with the video camera fixed to the back seat on a tripod. On the southbound trip,

No music on this, so this version may be retired when I can create an appropriate composition.

Original video is 1920x1080 30fps, but is being uploaded at 1280x720 due to issues with Vimeo and FULL HD video uploads.

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