Introducing Engine 2 Extra!
A community for plant-strong people.
Live Support
Live Chats
Support Groups
Meet a network of plant-strong friends.
Help with getting started and staying on track.
Web and Tele classes with some of the best in plant-strong education:
Dr. Esselstyn - Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease
Dr. Lisle - The Pleasure Trap
Jeff Novick, MS, RD - "Fast Food", "Burgers and Fries", "Should I Eat That" and many more..
Dr. McDougall - "The Starch Solution"
Dr. Goldhammer - "The Pleasure Trap"
Lindsay Nixon - "Happy Herbivore"
Cathy Fisher - "Straight up Food"
SusanVoisin- "Fat Free Vegan"
Kathy Freston - "The Lean"
Rich Roll - "Ultra"
Dr. Barnard - "Program for Reversing Diabetes"
Ann Esselstyn - "Worlds Best Food Coach"
and MANY more!

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