Song by John Lopker & Lenore Thomson. Special thanks to Matthew Frost for allowing this remix of "I Never Thought I Cared That Much." Matthew is not associated with the songwriters or the song, and he does not endorse either simply by allowing reuse.

Goodbye Time: LYRICS
I fell asleep last night
without you by my side
I don’t know where you go
wouldya stop if I said no?
do ya worry about leaving clues
don’t ya know I always knew
you say I’m your only one
what ya mean is I’m just for fun

Now I draw the line, Baby it’s goodbye time

(VERSE 2 omitted in this remix)
Tomorrow you’ll say hello
with one more guilty smile to show
you just call when you're hot
and forget me when you’re not
sure I love you just the same
we both like those nighttime games
but don’t pretend we’ve just begun
when we know we’re almost done

Now let’s just be kind, Baby it’s goodbye time

So let’s stop playing around
kiss once more and then climb down
those stairs without flights
the path that shines no light
If you want to be free
go on swim strong into the sea
I don’t mind being alone
don’t need your heart against my own

Our love just don’t rhyme, Baby it’s goodbye time
Good luck, goodnight, Baby it’s our goodbye time

Copyright John Lopker and Lenore Thomson.

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