Key Segments from this Aug 13 Meeting--

City work on Egan Traffic Safety
Mark Goines steps aside from City-School subcommittee
Policy on District property issues with surrounding Cities - update
Taskforce on Growth and Facilities - citizen and parent committee reporting to Superindendent, Lou Becker*
Citizen Ron Haley slams Goines and others for Conflict of Interest
Citizen Luis Menges speaks for Egan students : Foothill- Edith crossing unsafe

*Lou Becker is who Mark Goines believes should be tapped to organize the community side...


Begininning Consent Calendar passes 5-0

30 seconds Ron Haley – comment on Mark Goines Conflict of Interest
2.30 min. Luis Menges – comment on Foothill-Edith unsafe crosswalk

9:30 min. Randy Kenyon – enrollment 4512, more portables

38:00 min City-School Subcommittee agenda – intro to City Engineering…

40:00 min City’s Gustafsen and Cedric on Egan Traffic Improvements
55:30 min Kim Albright – comment on Egan crossing guard duties
58:00 min Steve Taglio – Portola as one-way circle flow for 5 minutes
59:00 min Tamara Logan on Egan traffic
1:00:00 Mark Goines on Egan traffic

1:04:45 Goines to be replaced by Logan on City-School subcommittee

1:07:00 Additional agenda items – SRS, Facilities help, etc., RE Policy

1:09:20 Real Estate Policy – Policy on cities Property Issues ( Goines hopes to have a policy in place before the next Los Altos City-School subcommittee

1:11:00 Joint City-School Fields Mngt. – Kenyon…staff to staff relations

1:13:00 Joint City School facilities sharing –Goines… booking software

1:14:30 Cooper – LASD needs a permanent relationship City of MV

1:17:20 Kenyon…Task Force on Growth and Facilities, other parent/citizen committees...

1:21:00 Goines – let’s tap Lou Becker to head the Task Force
1:21:00 “ “” how to recruit the Task Force is key

1:23:45 County is exempting Charter Schools from City Zoning
(This is actually two to-be- built schools of Rocketships 26 in San Jose,- a variance)
The board saw this as a serious precedent to let charters enjoy what districts do.
1:34:00 Logan – the Cty Ed. Commissioners were “mad at me” for delaying the progress of their meeting with her objections to the zoning exemption.
1:38:00 Alyssa Gallagher - SJ State Student Teacher Agreement, new hiring

1:40:00 Board Reports
1:45:00 Logan – “ Grace Small appointed to BCS ADVISORY Board “

1:46:40 Logan – into to letter from Spiritual Leaders on BCS LASD mediating-listening event, United Methodist, 655 Magadalena, Sept. 20, 7-9:30pm

1:47:20 Logan reads TEXT of the Letter from Spiritual Leaders

Meeting Adjourned

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