- 7-11 Breakfast all day errday - I like their version a lot more
- Exploring Ikebukuro for 2hrs since the bank doesn't open til 11 and we thought ATMs would actually work
- Metro tickets and metro cards work... just like they do in the US -- but you can customize your metro card with .. cool names like "DJ Raffikki"
- Shibuya 109
- Busiest crosswalk from Tokyo Drift + every movie
- Dog thats still waiting for its master
- Disney store
- 100yen store
- Club Sega is not an actual club - but it has games that you can play using your pee as the controller
- Border Break
- We found a random wallet and missed dinner to return it to the keisatsukan station
- Street performers were dope
- Ended up eating dinner where they charge you for things you don't eat -- Captain Catan and Big Bill end up eating platefuls of only chicken skins and chicken hearts for dinner.
- Japanese Doritos are ... disappointing.

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