I used XF100 (70pct) and 60D with tokina 11-16mm (30pct).
This version on vimeo is 1920x1080 with RGB color levels 0-255 (for computer screen).

Krátká návštěva několika zajímavých až mystických míst v Českém středohoří a jeho okolí.
Traces of Time in The Central Bohemian Uplands is a short film from the beautiful and mystical landscape.
(english version is here - youtube.com/watch?v=XV2A-dR626I )

The Old stone (menhir) called Kamenný pastýř (Stone Shepherd) was probably built by the Celtic tribe (4th - 2nd century BC).
The church Panenský Týnec, although it looks more like a ruin, in fact it has never been finished. The building was built in the 13th century. People who consider themselves sensitive to energy say that they feel an unusual energy in the place originally intended for an altar. Some say it gives them pins and needles to their hands. People come to Týnec to “re-charge”.
The name Panenský Týnec is derived from the Celtic word Taun, which was a place surrounded by walls. The town was nicknamed panenský (virginal) because the nuns from the Order of Poor Clares originally had their seat in the monastery, which was later changed into the local town hall. The nuns took care of the St. Agnes relics.
Kalvárie u Ostré - a group of three Chapels located on the hill Kalvárie, near the village Ostrý. The chapels were built in the early 18th century, on the staircase to the chapels are preserved remnants of sandstone statues and Stations of the Cross.
Open-air museum of folk architecture in the village Zubrice. You can visit the national school, local shop, water mill, living room (19th-20th century).
The Oak of Prince Ulrich is a very old tree (probably 11th century).
Magic rocks on the Holý (Bare) hill are of volcanic origin. It grows many rare flowers here and there is magnificent view of The Central Bohemian Uplands.


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