Not only the 10 commandments, but also most prophets have told us, that we must not make statues of things in heaven. But there are many anichrists. Bravery these times is by women, while the cowardliness of men becomes clear to see. Many people in my country where murdered, for what these brave and fine woman as doing in a heroic act. And women have to, because the insults to common sense, the popery of the patriarch of Moscow, has become to much of an insult to the Lord.

Women go, where men don't dare to threat.
Well, I sometimes also have attacked the church heretics, but not is such an open way as brave femen.
The actions off these brave women keep on impressing me.

And I had to upload this over here, because Youtube demands a Google privacy intrusion since 2011, just to upload or even watch part of the movies there.

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