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When something Changes on Earth a PubNub Message is Published. It is up to you to subscribe to this data and receive a stream of ever changing updates. However... who is currently subscribed to receive this information? Who's there? WIth PubNub Channel Presence you can know and get the answer to "Who is there?". This code walkthrough video will explain to you the most important parts to invoking the Presence Events to be streamed to your devices, anywhere on Earth.

Download Source Code (GitHub) - PubNub Chat Channel Presence App - Open Source MIT License.

PubNub Presence Video Series -

With PubNub Channel Presence, you can provide Live Real-time stream of information based on the availability of users on your channels. You can update timelines to provide a peek into the past while providing up to the nanosecond activity at this very moment in time.

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